How To Pay

How To Pay Making An Order - A General Walk Through

How To pay for your item on a PC
Using  – Windows 10 with google chrome browsers.

So, you have decided on an item you wish to purchase. Here are the steps to take, to buy the item.

1. The majority of our collection is black… but you’ll be surprised we have other coloured stuff.
So, yes choose a COLOUR if required, then your SIZE. See below.


2. PAYPAL – You do not need an account – info here www.paypal.com

3. So, you may want to pay by PAYPAL. For ease we have a large yellow PAYPAL Buy Now button directly under the add to cart button. So hit that big yellow button, it will open a new window in chrome and just follow the simple instructions.


4. Payment by card – Tap the “Add To Cart” button – You are now on the cart page – scroll down and “apply a coupon”. Scroll down on the right hand side of the screen  tap the “proceed to checkout” or take a second chance at paying with PayPal.


5. You’re now on the checkout page – Scroll down the page and you can add a coupon. Scroll further down and add your billing & shipping details, plus order notes if required.


After filling your details in, scroll down to “Your order” double check everything is correct.


6. Underneath your order detail you will find ways to pay. Payment is defaulted to PAYPAL, we give you another chance to use PAYPAL. But first tap the “I’m not a robot” box below. Now tap the “proceed to paypal” button on the far right of the screen.


7. Paying by card, select card payment by tapping on the dot next to the credit card title. This opens up the the box where you will add your credit card details. Add the long number to the box. Now…  and this is important, at the FAR RIGHT of the screen you will find the section in the same box to add Month/Year and CVC (last 3 digits on the back of your card).
You have an option to save Credit Card details lower down the screen. Tick the agreement terms and conditions. Underneath this on the left hand side check the “I’m not a robot” box. Now you can place the order by tapping the place order button on the FAR RIGHT of the screen.



By PAYPAL are generally instantaneous, their is not much more we can add to this.

By CREDIT CARD, whilst we receive conformation relatively fast. We don’t receive your actual payment until 7 days later which will cause a delay in shipping out your order. Their is very little we can do about this until we find a better paying system.